Tom Brady Chugs Beer With Stephen Colbert

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is famous for being careful about what types of food and drink he puts into his body.

So much so that his love affair with avocado ice cream has become a running joke.

So it was a bit surprising when Brady went on the "Late Show With Stephen Colbert" Monday night and promptly chugged a beer.

"You don't drink beer?" Colbert asked the QB.

"Rarely," Brady said.

Colbert then produced a couple mugs of beer from behind his desk.

"I was a pretty good beer chugger back in the day," Brady responded.

Brady then went on to beat Colbert by at least half a glass in the impromptu chugging contest.

Colbert also got Brady to eat his first strawberry. Brady said he had never eaten the fruit because he hated the smell. Brady said it was "not that bad."

Brady's appearance was part of his promotional tour for the "Tom vs. Time" Facebook documentary and his book, "The TB12 Method," in which he writes about diet and athletic performance.

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