Tom Brady on Donald Trump: ‘I Support All My Friends'

The New England Patriots quarterback also said he still has Trump's hat in his locker

Tom Brady didn't explicitly endorse Donald Trump on Tuesday, but he did tell a Boston radio show that he supports his good friend.

"Can I just stay out of this debate?" the New England Patriots quarterback said at first, when asked by WEEI-FM's the Dennis & Callahan show whether he is supporting Trump for president. But then Brady opened up a bit more.

"He's a good friend of mine... I support all my friends," he said. He was then given a chance to clarify and say that he wasn't officially backing Trump, but he didn't back down.

Brady also revealed during the interview that the "Make America Great Again" hat that Trump sent him is still in his locker. 

"He gave me a hat, I thought that was a nice thing," he said.

One thing Brady wasn't asked about was what he thinks of Trump's proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. said last week that it would pay $100 to the first reporter who asked Brady about it.

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