Tom Brady Poses With Parents Before Big Game

A tough battle against an undisclosed illness kept his mother from attending Patriot's games, but now both of quarterback Tom Brady's parents have arrived in Houston and will attend Super Bowl LI.

In a Saturday night Instagram post, Brady posed with his mom and dad and captioned the photo, "Sandwich kiss for Mom at Picture Day!!! Go Pats!!!"

Earlier this week Brady confessed that personal reasons made this “a challenging year,” for his family. Brady’s father, Tom Sr., only went to one game this season but his mother Galynn missed them all.

Their absence took a toll on him; the quarterback got emotional when asked by a 7-year-old reporter who his hero was.

Choking back tears, Brady named his father. He continued, explaining his parents have always been supportive and all he wanted to do is try to make them proud.

Now both of Brady’s parents are in Houston, ready to take their seats for tomorrow’s big game.

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