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Transgender Cop Jamie Deer is a Force for Change

"I still didn't feel like that fit me, and it was weird, because it was like, I know that's what I'm called, but it still doesn't feel like me"

In Washington state's King County, sheriff's deputy Jaime Deer, one of the few openly trans law enforcement officers in the U.S., is going through trials and tribulations during his transition, NBC News reported.

Deer, 44, was assigned female at birth. For most of his life he identified as a lesbian, but the label felt awkward.

Deer married his wife, a police dispatcher, in 2014.

"She could tell I was not happy with who I was," he said.

In 2016, when the deputy came out, there was no policy in King County outlining how the sheriff's department should handle situations surrounding transgender employees. Afterward, it adopted guidelines from the Seattle Police Department.

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