Trees Crash Into Buildings as Strong Winds Rip Through Massachusetts

Nobody was injured.

Heavy winds tore through the South Shore of Massachusetts Tuesday, leaving a path of damage in their wake.

Structures in multiple towns felt nature's wrath as the wind knocked down trees.

At a home on Grove Street in Norwell, the storm added a new skylight — a tree that once stood in the front yard ripped open the roof.

No one was injured, but estimators are tallying up how much the repairs will cost.

Another tree left a divot in a shed early in the morning in Cohasset.

"Thought it might have been a branch down," said homeowner Thomas Murphy. "It was much more than a branch."

If the wind pushed it the other direction, though, it would have landed right on top of a house.

"Thank the Lord it didn't hit the house because it would have done tremendous amount of damage and possibly injure someone inside," said Andrew Spalt, owner of Total Tree Care, as he sliced the branches off the shed.

All that was inside were bikes and kayaks. Murphy says those can be replaced, adding that he's thankful no one was hurt.

"Just expected around here. Lots of trees," explained Thomas Murphy. "It's what happens, we live in a forest."

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