As Race Tightens, Trump Says He's Confident He'll Win New Hampshire

Trump spoke Friday at the Atkinson Country Club

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited New Hampshire Friday, saying he's confident that he'll carry the state on Election Day.

"This is where it all began, New Hampshire - first victory," he said in a speech at the Atkinson Country Club. "In four days we are going to win the state of New Hampshire, and we are going to win back the White House... We're on the cusp of historic change."

Just a few weeks ago, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had a big lead in New Hampshire. But three new polls released Thursday now show the two candidates in a virtual dead heat.

Clinton will be in New Hampshire on Sunday, and President Barack Obama will attend a rally for Clinton at the University of New Hampshire in Durham on Monday.

Trump and running mate Mike Pence will also be in the critical swing state on Monday night for a rally at Southern New Hampshire University.

Trump mostly stuck to his usual talking points on Friday, hitting Clinton over the FBI's investigation of her emails, saying Obamacare needs to be recalled immediately and promising that, if elected, he will build "a great wall" to keep out illegal immigrants.

"How can Hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her emails?" Trump asked. "What a mess!

"Wait till you see what they find" in the latest round of emails," he added. "It won't be pretty."

Trump also said he would suspend the Syrian refugee program, "and we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. We have no choice."

He also claimed a new jobs report shows the U.S. economy is in bad shape. 

His rally came hours after the government reported that employers added 161,000 jobs to the workforce in October. The report also showed that workers received their best pay raises in seven years.

Trump called the numbers "an absolute disaster," and said: "nobody believes the numbers they're reporting anyway."

He also spoke specifically to his New Hampshire audience, saying he'll work to end the state's opioid problem and to protect the environment, including the White Mountains and Great Bay.

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