Colin Kaepernick

Trump says Colin Kaepernick Should ‘Get Another Shot' to Play in NFL

But Trump reiterated that he does not "want to see people kneel for the National Anthem."

Colin Kaepernick

President Donald Trump says that Colin Kaepernick should get another chance to play in the NFL if he can play well, but he reiterated that he doesn’t want to see people kneel during the national anthem, according to NBC News.

In an interview at the White House Wednesday with Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WJLA, Trump was asked whether Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who famously began kneeling in 2016 during the national anthem, deserves another shot.

"If he deserves it, he should. If he has the playing ability," said Trump, who added that Kaepernick’s performance on the field previously "wasn’t up to snuff." "I would love to see him get another shot but obviously he has to be able to play well," Trump continued. "If he can't play well, I think that would be very unfair."

The president, however, made clear that he still thinks kneeling during the national anthem or kneeling in front of the American flag is disrespectful. Kaepernick said that he knelt down to protest “systematic oppression” and police brutality. He has been unsigned since he became a free agent after the 2016 season.

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