Tufts University Says Several Greek Organizations Violated Policy

A year-long investigation into Greek Life at Tufts University, including sexual harassment and alcohol abuse, has ended with half of the organizations facing disciplinary action. 

The school conducted nine separate investigations over the course of the year. 

"I trust the university and the investigations they've done," said senior Marissa Michael. 

One organization was found innocent while another dissolved during the investigation. 

The school ruled the seven others should be either suspended or placed on probation. 

"Any group on campus, you can point out any bad aspects or good aspects about them," said Hiroto Wantanabe, a junior at Tufts. 

The suspended organizations are Delta Upsilon and Zeta Psi, while Theta Chi, Pi Rho Omega, Delta Tau Delta and Chi Omega are on probation. 

Theta Delta Chi was hit the hardest. Its members were found responsible for hazing, alcohol violations and sexual harassment. 

Their recognition by the university has been revoked and they are banned from campus for the next decade. They can petition to come back in the year 2027. 

"I'm not a huge fan of how fraternities treat their members or other students," said sophomore Jason Figueroa. "I don't like hazing at all. I think it's something that should never be a part of any institution." 

In a letter sent to the Tufts community, university leaders wrote, "We want to thank those who brought allegations to light, enabling the University to begin addressing the issues they represent." 

In November of 2016, the Tufts Observer published an opinion piece headlined "Abolish Fraternities." 

Issues such as Greek Life homophobia, hazing and binge drinking were brought to light. 

"Personally, I would like the idea of seeing this kind of frat row turned into a space where more people from different, more diverse backgrounds feel welcome," said senior Travis Percy. 

The university has announced over the next three years, they will "reform and evaluate" Greek life, which includes hazing prevention workshops. 

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