2 Years Later, No Sign of Missing Retired Firefighter

Michael Chambers was last seen on March 10, 2017

Sunday marked two years since the disappearance of a retired Dallas firefighter, and his daughter says she's not giving up the search.

Michael Chambers retired from Dallas Fire-Rescue in 2008 after more than 35 years, according to family members. Chambers was 70 years old when he was last seen leaving a Quinlan Walmart near his home in Hunt County on March 10, 2017.

Investigators found Chambers' wallet, but his license and some cash were missing. Chambers' cell phone was gone and there was a blood trail in his workshop where Chambers spent time fixing up old cars.

Extensive searches around the area turned up no sign of Chambers.

His daughter, Suzy Chambers Losoya, said she's still actively looking for her dad.

"He needs to be found, he needs to be brought home and laid to rest with dignity," Losoya said. "We need closure."

The case has puzzled investigators from the beginning. While investigators confirmed there was blood in Chambers' workshop, they didn't believe it was enough to indicate a sign of a struggle. Surveillance video from the Walmart did not indicate Chambers was in trouble or was followed, according to investigators.

Over the last two years, the Hunt County Sheriff's Office has said it was possible Chambers became injured in his workshop and walked away looking for help. Investigators have indicated it could be possible Chambers was taken against his will. Last year, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks said Chambers may have died by suicide, but investigators insist it is only a theory.

Losoya is working with private investigator Philip Klein in her efforts to find her father. Klein told NBC 5 he believed Chambers was murdered. Klein said he's uncovered new evidence and has requested the Texas Office of the Attorney General review the case.

"Someone knows," Losoya said. "People don't disappear and someone knows what happened to dad."

Klein said his team will launch additional searches this year in hopes of finding Chambers.

"I do not want people to forget because he deserves so much better than this," Losoya said.

Anyone with information in regards to Chambers' disappearance is asked to call the Hunt County Sheriff's Office at 903-453-6809 or email jhaines@huntcounty.net.

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