Uh Oh, Looks Like We Have the First ‘Storrowing' of Allston Christmas

Sept. 1 is the busiest moving day of the year in Boston, and seemingly every year some unlucky moving truck falls victim to a low bridge

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Sept. 1, also known as Allston Christmas, is the busiest moving day of the year in Boston, as tens of thousands of college and university students make their way back into the city for the start of the new school year.

And seemingly every year, some unlucky student or parent fails to navigate the low bridges on Storrow Drive and the surrounding roadways.

Shortly before noon on Thursday, one such person driving a U-Haul on Soldiers Field Road in Boston struck the North Harvard Street bridge, ripping the top off the vehicle.

Soldiers Field Road eastbound near the Boston/Cambridge line was temporarily closed for a bridge inspection and cleanup no thanks to the "too-tall" truck. All lanes reopened minutes later after it was determined that the bridge was not damaged.

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Other than perhaps the driver's pride, no injuries were reported in the crash.

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