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University of Hartford Student Arrested for ‘Concerning' Social Media Posts

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A student at the University of Hartford who is accused of making threats on social media, including shooting a dorm, has been arrested, according to police.

Police said students reported anonymous and concerning posts on social media to the university's Department of Public Safety on Sunday night.

The posts were threats that referred to shooting a dorm and other firearm references. It was posted on YikYak and was part of a conversation that was going on with multiple other people, according to officers.

The Department of Public Safety worked with local police to do an emergency disclosure through the app. Through that, investigators said they were able to get information about the person who posted it including a phone number and GPS coordinates within an hour.

The phone number came back to 18-year-old Tenuun Enkhbat, of Virginia, and the coordinates came back to campus, authorities added. Enkhbat was staying on campus and was arrested.

An 18-year-old at the University of Hartford is under arrest, accused of posting threats to shoot a dorm on social media.

Enkhbat is facing a threatening charge. He appeared in court on Monday where his bond was set at $150,000.

The public defender for Enkhbat's case said the student has no criminal record or prior mental health issues. The attorney said Enkhbat had no intentions of hurting anyone and the posts were ill-timed and poorly considered.

Enkhbat's next court date is March 6.

Enkhbat has been banned from campus pending conduct proceedings, according to the school.

Authorities said Enkhbat described his actions as a joke. Police said they have zero tolerance for these types of threats and all of them will be taken seriously.

There is no threat to campus.

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