UNH Sorority Under Fire for Singing ‘Gold Digger’ With N-Word

A controversial video taken at an Alpha Phi sorority event and posted on social media is spreading far beyond the campus of the University of New Hampshire.

The video shows a room of rowdy Alpha Phi members singing Kanye West's "Gold Digger," with the hashtag #UNH. The All Eyez on UNH Facebook page shared the video, criticizing the sorority sisters because the song's chorus uses the n-word, which the girls can be seen singing.

"In the context of the song, it's just a good word to rhyme with 'digger,'" said Ben Factor a student at UNH.

Factor is one of the hundreds of students talking about the lyrics on Thursday.

"I'm sure they weren't going about singing that to try to be racist or hurtful," said Bridget Keaveney.

"We believe this showed poor judgment," the school said in a statement. "At the same time, the university statement suggesting there would be an investigation and possible disciplinary action was not accurate. The students have apologized and will play an active role in working to improve our campus culture as we move forward. "

Elysa Caisey, who is on the board of the Black Students Union, said she was not happy the university is not taking any action.

"It wasn't a form of racism, but it was unacceptable," said Caisey. "When you use a word like that, you need to understand the implications behind it."

Caisey said they should be held accountable.

"It's sad they don't understand the connotation behind using that word, and at the end of the day, it reflects the culture that's always been here at UNH, and something has to give," said Caisey.

"The use of that word runs counter to our values," Dean of Students John T. Kirkpatrick said in a statement. "Moreover, it is a word that diminishes members of our community. The posting has been reported to the national chapter. Both the university and the national chapter are investigating the matter."

Alpha Phi has been reported to their national chapter. The sorority has issued a statement to the university apologizing for the incident reiterating that they do not condone the behavior.

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