No Bail for Unidentified Man Accused of Attacking Ex With Broken Bottle

Authorities say the man, who provided a false name, held the victim against her will before stabbing her 18 times

An unidentified man is being held without bail after police say he held his ex-girlfriend against her will and then repeatedly stabbed her with a broken beer bottle Sunday night in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.

In Lowell District Court Friday, prosecutors called the man "John Doe" because they do not know his real name. Police say the name and information they were given belongs to someone in Puerto Rico.

The man was back in court for a dangerous hearing after being arraigned Monday on 11 charges, including armed assault with the intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, mayhem, kidnapping, identity fraud and two counts of witness intimidation.

Investigators say he was arrested Monday for allegedly holding his ex-girlfriend against her will, threatening to kill her, and then stabbing her 18 times with a broken beer bottle outside of a funeral home in broad daylight.

"He repeatedly threatened to kill her," said a court prosecutor. "He brandished a knife, he pushed her and punched her, and she was held against her will that evening."

Investigators say the victim rents a second-floor apartment above the Tewksbury Funeral Home on Dewey Street.

According to court documents, the suspect had picked up a small silver steak knife Sunday night and told the victim he would not allow her to leave.

When the victim tried to get away the next morning, police said the suspect whacked her in the head with a Corona beer bottle.

Investigators say a funeral home worker saw the attack and called 911.

Court documents say the suspect began to stab the victim in the back, neck arms, chest, and torso, with the remaining piece of the broken bottle while yelling at her he was going to kill her.

The suspect, whose address is listed in Lawrence, is due back in court April 24. He is represented by attorney Christopher Spring.

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