Vandals Strike Enfield Home With Pro-Marijuana Message

An Enfield homeowner must now deal with fixing the front of her home after someone spray painted it with graffiti.

Denise Deming says the vandalism happened early Sunday morning.

The longtime resident says she did not hear a thing and only realized the extent of the damage when she went outside.

“Devastated. It’s like who does this? Why would you do it?” Deming said.

The vandalism covered the garage doors, the home’s siding, and a side door. It appears someone also threw a so-called “paint bomb” on the recently-sealed driveway.

Most of the graffiti seems to be random scribbles and a pro-marijuana statement.

“We took off some of it only because it’s a family neighborhood and there’s no point in letting it all show. So we took off what we could for now,” Deming said.

Deming has no idea why her home was the only one targeted in this normally quiet neighborhood. She hopes someone who knows something contacts police.

“This is totally not acceptable. You just can’t go onto someone’s property and feel like you can do anything you want to with it. And people need to be aware that you know, make sure your lights are on at night and you’re aware of everything that goes on around you,” she said.

Deming also plans to beef up security measures, including more lighting.

She’s waiting for the insurance company to come this week to figure what needs to be done; whether the damage can be cleaned or items have to be replaced.

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