Vehicle Crashes Into Dog Training Center in Manchester

A vehicle crashed into Tails-U-Win, a dog training center in Manchester and caused a lot of damage, but no one was injured. 

Police said an elderly woman was trying to park around 10 a.m., but hit the gas instead of the brake, drove into 175 Adams St. and hit a water main, flooding the store. 

"Luckily, she was not injured and there were no dogs that were injured in any way," Police Captain Chris Davis said.

The driver, however, said she never touched the gas pedal and that the car surged forward as she went to brake. 

Only one pet was in the building at the time and was in the back of the business for some chiropractic care.

The office manager, however, was just feet away from where the car stopped and said she ran as soon as her heard gravel flying.

"I heard a very loud crashing sound, lots of gravel, and I ran to the back," Dana Escobar, the office manager of Tails-U-Win Canine Center, said.

Then, she saw the SUV in the store.

"The building had just collapsed on top of the car," Escobar said. 

The driver is going to be OK, officials said.


Leslie Nelson, the owner of the facility, said she is glad no one was hurt and plans to continue running the business from the back of the building until the structure is repaired.

"A few minutes earlier, there were people dropping off their dogs, and people in the store shopping, and this and that, so it could have been a lot worse than it was," Nelson said.

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