Violent Court Outburst Sheds Light on New Hampshire Arson, Stabbing Suspect

“I think you should give me about $500 bail so I can go out and stab my cousin to death,” said Anthony Boisvert in court

A violent outburst in a New Hampshire courtroom is shedding light on the suspect in a five-day crime spree in Lebanon.

The details, from the suspect himself, are disturbing.

“I think you should give me about $500 bail so I can go out and stab my cousin to death, maybe kill my aunt and Uncle Kevin,” Anthony Boisvert said in Lebanon District Court Wednesday. “Maybe I can cut them up, and eat them on a frying pan.”

This outburst came after police arrested him Sunday for allegedly stabbing two people and setting two fires over the course of five days.

“It’s a whole different street now,” said Lebanon, New Hampshire resident Laurie Rodgers.

The 150 year old steeple is gone, the First Baptist Church in Lebanon is destroyed and to learn exactly how Boisvert claims he did it, is like pouring salt on a wound.

According to court documents, Boisvert told police he broke into the church, watched child pornography on a rectory computer, lit an American flag on fire and left it to burn.

Ron Michaud and his wife live next door to the church. They’ve both been in the mental health field for more than 60 years.

“We’re both traumatized,” Michaud told NBC Boston. “I’ve never experienced this before, this is huge, big time.”

Boisvert is also accused of setting fire to a home at 68 Mascoma St. He told an officer he did it because he knew children lived there.

The five-day rampage and emerging details are leaving a lasting impact on this typically quiet community.

“It shakes your well-being, it does,” Michaud said.

Police say Boisvert also admitted to stabbing his two friends because they had talked to investigators.

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