Donald Trump

The VP Club: Pence Talks Policy, White House With Biden and Cheney

President Trump, meanwhile, has no relationship with his predecessors, according to people familiar with the matter

Vice President Mike Pence has been quietly cultivating his predecessors since taking office, a different approach than the one taken by his boss, NBC News reported.

Pence has a phone call with Joe Biden at least one a month and has had numerous conversations with Dick Cheney, including a meeting in the West Wing, people close to the two former vice presidents tell NBC News. The group of No. 2s exchange ideas and advice on foreign and domestic policy, working with Congress and how to navigate the job.

The discussions effectively position Pence as the highest-profile link between the Trump administration and the establishment figures from both parties that President Donald Trump repeatedly rebukes, and could put Pence in a precarious position with his boss, who has been criticized by both Biden and Cheney.

For his part, Trump has had a bitter breakdown in communication with Barack Obama and has no relationship with George W. Bush, according to people familiar with the matter.

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