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Want to Save Money on Back-to-School Shopping? Here Are Some Tips

If you haven’t bought a thing for your kids yet, your procrastination may work in your favor!

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Most parents are facing the school year with a list in hand of all the things their kids are going to need in class this year. And the cost can add up quickly!

Aris Rossi is a mom, an elementary school teacher and an organizational blogger. And she has some tips on how to stretch your money on back-to-school shopping this year.

If you haven’t bought a thing for your kids yet, your procrastination may work in your favor!

You may be able to save money during end of summer sales when the stores clear out the school stuff to make room for Halloween costumes.

Rossi also says you should do a home inventory before you hit the stores.

“Go ahead and take a look at what you haven't used from the previous school year,” she said. “Maybe there's a drawer or a desk in your house that is stuffed with new pencils, new crayons, notebooks.

Anything you have leftover that's not used can definitely be used this school year.

Always make a list and stick to it!

“Make sure that you only purchase the things that are necessary,” Rossi said. “ Things might look really glitzy, or certainly erasers might be really trendy and cute, but really stick to the necessities and that will help your budget go a long way.”

NBC consumer teams went shopping at three stores to see which have the lowest prices for back-to-school supplies.

She also recommends checking store advertisements and shopping the sales so you get the best prices and following your favorite stores on social media.

“Occasionally, you'll see them post special coupons codes that you can use online for extra back to school savings,” she shared. “I like to just follow them and check out their social media channels, either on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. And you'd be surprised at the specials that they advertise simply on there for their followers.”

Another idea is to organize a community school supply swap in your neighborhood. Your teen's character backpack may be perfect for the middle schooler down the street. Other families may have hand-me-down supplies that you can use. And, nothing beats free!

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