Chris Gloninger

Warm End to February Could Give Way to Stormy Start in March

Our warm February rolls on. At Boston Logan Airport, the temperature is 5.4° above average for the month. We will likely see a top 3 warmest February on record.

There were only two days where temperatures stayed at or below freezing. On the 9th, the high temperature was 32°. The coldest day of the month was the 3rd with a high temperature of 28°.

February was much warmer than January. Temperatures during the month of January stayed below freezing for 12 days – nearly half the month!

After a sunny, warm start to the weekend. The clouds have returned and soon we will see a round of wintry precipitation and rain. West of 128 and along Route 2, we will see snow, sleet and freezing rain. Travel could be tricky in these areas overnight and into Sunday morning. It will be mainly rain for the coast.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday look dry and mild. Temperatures climb into the 50s once again. The only day out of the stretch that might be slightly colder – Wednesday with highs in the upper 40s.

March looks to come in like a lion. It’s still too early to tell if it will be rain or snow, but strong, onshore winds will develop Thursday and continue into Saturday.

Damaging wind gusts are possible. The bigger problem will be the duration of astronomically high winds coupled with a building surf. Coastal flooding will be a significant threat by Friday and Saturday.

It’s still a long ways away, but at this point, confidence is growing for high coastal impacts.

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