Warm Reception for Patriots Fans in Minneapolis

NBC 10 Boston has sent anchors, photographers, reporters and producers to Minneapolis for Super Bowl LII, and they'll be bringing us live reports all week.

While the temperatures are brutally cold, the people couldn't have been warmer.

On Sunday, at the Mall of America, there was a gospel choir to greet the hearty, out for what promises to be one heck of a week in Minneapolis.

We were told all about Minnesota nice.

“It’s more Minnesota passive aggressive than it is Minnesota nice.”

Jeff lives here, so he should know. Either way, lovely people.

He was happy to see us, but his expectations are, let’s just say low, for the folks from Philly.

“From what I understand they treat everybody like that in all their sports - I think that's just their general connotation, I don’t think we were special.”

At Super Bowl LII, in a sea of purple, there are a lot of Vikings fans.

But before Patriots fans arrive in full force, NBC 10 Boston found one Patriots fan who stands out knowing nothing but championships.

“I’m confident and I know Pats nation will be here on Monday.”

Sam Johnson has been a Patriots fan since the age of six. He lives out in Minneapolis, as well.

We took a walk down memory lane, and, at 19, he doesn’t remember much before the Brady-Belichick years.

“I’ve heard of Ty Law and Troy Brown, the old days, Parcell, those kind of days."

The folks in Minneapolis have been nothing but welcoming and happy - even know their team didn’t make it to the party.

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