Warm Temperatures En Route to New England

Today is transition day to the much-advertised warmth en route to New England!

A transition from cold and dry to warm and more moist can sometimes come with bumps, and we saw the first of those bumps in the form of black ice on Cape Cod roads this morning, resulting in multiple crashes. The next bump comes in the form of rain showers, arriving from west to east late this afternoon and lasting through the overnight with areas of fog.

Though most of us dawn with clouds and fog Tuesday morning, breaks of sun will emerge and a southwest wind will warm most of southern New England into the 60s... closer to 50 in northern New England and along south and southwest facing coasts, where an onshore wind carries cool ocean air inland.

The one big exception to warmth Tuesday will be the far North Country and particularly northern Maine, where a couple of slushy inches will accumulate as snow gradually transition to rain.

By Wednesday, we’ll challenge records in central and southern New England, with high temperatures expected to reach 65-70 degrees and standing records generally at 60-65 degrees. Again, the exception will be south-facing coasts and the far North Country.

A cold front moves through Wednesday night, delivering some showers and resetting our temperatures closer to normal, in the 40s, but still above average for this time of the year.

Nonetheless, the change in air combined with jet stream disturbances will raise the chance of rain showers heading into the weekend in the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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