Gusty Winds of Change Blow In Tonight

Morning clouds will gradually break to sunshine over the course of Sunday, first inland and last near the coast.

Much of the day will be dull across the Cape and Islands, with the most sun north and west of Boston. In those areas, where the sun comes out first, highs will surge into the 70s and close to 80. It will be muggy for all of us.

A cold front approaches tonight. Ahead of that front winds will really pick up, gusting 20-40 MPH late today and tonight. Gusts may actually exceed 40 MPH for parts of the Maine coast and the Cape and Islands.

A line of showers and downpours will also come through tonight as the front passes. A lingering shower may still be around first thing Monday morning south of Boston, but then sunshine will rush in with cooler and less humid air.

Highs on Monday will only be in the 50s to near 60!

Beyond that we have virtually nothing but sunshine in the forecast right into next week as high pressure dominates our weather. Early in the week highs will stay in the 50s and 60s, with 30s and 40s overnight resulting in some frosty spots. By mid and late week though, highs will be closer to 70. Those temperatures stretch into next weekend as we see it right now.

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