Burlington Mall Reopens After Water Main Break Shuts Down Holiday Shopping

The Burlington Mall in Massachusetts reopened Monday after a water main break caused it to close over the weekend.

Just two weeks ahead of Christmas, the mall was shut down during a busy period after the water main break in the parking lot.

"It's kind of inconvenient because we planned our whole day around shopping," said shopper Erin Doughty.

Crews spent Sunday morning trying to fix the problem in the parking lot in front of Macy's. Customers were turned away at mall entrances while store employees tried to keep busy until the water came back on. The issue was causing no water pressure inside the mall and toilets were not working.

"We were very surprised we showed up we were going to Macy's and then we saw the construction and everything," said shopper Carol Doughty.

The mall opened back up at 9 a.m. Monday — 24 hours after it was meant to open.

"The employees that were scheduled to come in, came in, and I had to call a couple of employees to tell them to come in later," worker Olivia Rivera said Sunday. "So we're going to be losing money today."

It was unclear what initially caused the break.

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