Watertown Won't Allow Filming of Boston Marathon Bombing Movie

Town manager: Shooting "Patriots Day" at the site of the shootout "is not in the best interest of Watertown"

The Boston Marathon shootout recreation will not be filmed in the neighborhood where it happened, officials in Watertown, Massachusetts, have announced.

Friday, the Town Manager Michael Driscoll released a statement saying the recreation is "not in the best interest of Watertown."

Production was set to start in May at the intersection of Laurel Street and Dexter Avenue for the Mark Wahlberg, movie "Patriots' Day."

Rob Mullen, who watched the gun battle from his window, says he's disappointed because he believes the there are people who are curious and would have liked to know what happened and how it happened.

Another neighbor, Teri DeStefano, says she wants the movie filmed in Watertown for authenticity.

"I just think if they're going to make a movie, and make it as authentic and accurate as possible, I just think they should do it here," she said.

Residents were asked to take part in a survey regarding their thoughts of the production. Of the responses, 88 percent were allegedly positive, but because there were some concerns from some residents, they'll now film elsewhere.

The film would also have required simulated gunshots late at night.

Residents say a major reason they want the scene shot in town is to headline the heroics of police that night.

"This never happened in this country before," said one resident.

No one from the town was available to talk on camera Friday.

It is not yet known where the shootout will be filmed.

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