Here Are Some Wonderful Ways to Use Watermelon

Watermelon can be used in a variety of ways when entertaining

In celebration of National Watermelon Day, entertainment editor Paul Zahn has some tips to make your guests feel one-in-a-melon!

  1. You can cut a watermelon to make it act as a keg. All you have to do is cut the top, clear out all the melon guts like a pumpkin before Halloween, and then just screw in a spigot. It can serve you and your guest water, or, more likely, margaritas.
  2. You can make a watermelon-infused water drink from water placed into the watermelon keg. Just put in a fun straw, a lemon slice and a flamingo decoration to make it festive.
  3. You can draw some black seeds onto a mason jar to make a decorative watermelon jar for drinks or salad.
  4. Put together some spices, watermelon, cucumbers, and some fried chicken for a tasty meal for your guests.
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