‘We Got Her!’: Video Shows Dramatic Rescue of Kidnapped Fort Worth Girl

The suspect confessed and the jury took just 15 minutes to find him guilty

A video showing the dramatic moment a kidnapped 8-year-old Fort Worth girl was rescued by police was released Monday.

The suspect, Michael Webb, was convicted and sentenced to life in federal prison last Thursday.

Now that his federal trial has ended, federal prosecutors in Texas released the body camera footage when officers found and rescued her from a Forest Hill hotel room and arrested Webb.

A family friend found the suspect's car in the hotel parking lot and called 911.

The video shows officers racing up a staircase, converging outside the suspect's room and banging on the door.

"Fort Worth P.D. Open the door! We’re coming in!” an officer shouts.

The suspect said he needed to get dressed.

Police used a ram to force open the door.

"Hands! Let me see your hands!" an officer ordered. "Step out."

Webb emerged, naked.

And officers rushed in, frantically looking for the little girl.

At first, there was no sign of her.

But suddenly, they found her buried in a clothes basket where he forced her to hide while threatening to kill her parents.

"Hey, here she is. Got her!" an officer said. "We got her. We got her."

Officers arrested Webb in the hallway and carried the girl to safety in the parking lot where they called an ambulance.

"Come on, sweetheart. You are going to be OK," an officer told the girl.

Earlier that night, a Forest Hill police sergeant searched that same hotel room but did not find the girl. He was later fired.

Webb confessed to the crime and the jury took just 15 minutes to find him guilty.

Webb still faces nine state charges of aggravated kidnapping, six counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child (enhanced) and two counts of indecency with a child (habitual offender notice).

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