Weather Dampens Memorial Day Plans

It was a dreary unofficial start to the summer season today at Hampton Beach, but the weekend sunshine provided businesses a much needed boost.

It wasn't exactly the beach day a lot of families had planned for Memorial Day, but still, boardwalk shops were open and people are making the best of it.

"It's really good," said one visitor as she took a bite of her fried dough.

While families were forced to wear a few more layers, they say the weather didn't ruin their holiday weekend at Hampton Beach.

"It is what it is, to get out and enjoy family and everything for three days, today especially and not going to work, perfect," said Jeff Lombardi of Worcester, Massachusetts, who was at the beach with his family.

It wasn't so perfect, though, for Boardwalk businesses that rely on the sunshine to bring in customers.

"It puts a damper on it. We are a deck bar," explained Hannah Corcoran, who works at Bernie's Beach Bar.

This is the first full summer for Bernie's new block-long bar.

While Monday might be quieter than they hoped, Corcoran says the business is off to a great start, thanks to some unusually warm weather early this season.

"It's been packed, we've had a good crowd so far this year," she said.

Boardwalk shops are definitely looking forward to sunnier, busier days ahead, but lots of visitors on Monday said they were enjoying some peace and quiet before the summer crowds.

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