Tamara Starr

Wellesley Family Gets Typewriter from Tom Hanks

One of the greatest surprises happened for the de Peyster family in Wellesley, Massachusetts when they received a signed vintage typewriter from Tom Hanks.

The family received the gift because Nick de Peyster wrote to Hanks after his wife, Julia, and their children watched the documentary, California Typrwriter, according to The Wellesley Report.

Mr. de Peyster pledged in the letter to Hanks that if he was given a vintage typewriter, then he "would send someone a typewritten note each day and then would pay the gift forward by getting another family a typewriter."

“The kids are over the moon” about the typewriter, writes Mrs. de Peyster.

According to The Wellesley Report, the de Peysters have set up “a typewriter shrine” to remind them to send the letters.

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