Wethersfield Cop Saves Heart Attack Victim at Football Game

AP Images

A Wethersfield police officer saved a heart attack victim at a football game thanks to the help of some kids. 

During the Wethersfield High School last Friday,  Detective James Darby was working private duty when a "concerned youth" approached him about a man in distress.

Darby discovered a man had grasped his chest, then collapsed. He was unconscious, not breathing and had no pulse before Darby started initiating CPR.

The detective was joined by the school's resource officer, Eric Knapp, and another person. The three got the man to start breathing again but since he still had no pulse, the trio kept applying chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. 

Using an AED, the man's heartbeat was brought back into rhythm.

"Thank you to the youths that informed Detective Darby. They allowed Detective Darby, Officer Knapp, the unknown helper and WVAA to save a person's life last Friday," police said on Thursday.

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