Wethersfield Man Charged With Harassment Following Alarming Emails to School

A Wethersfield man was arrested for harassment after sending multiple emails and Facebook postings about rape and other threats to the principal of an elementary school, police said. 

Anthony Wall, 41, first contacted Principal John Bean of the Highcrest School to allegedly warn the school about possible threats toward the school but did not disclose exactly what those threats were in a rambling email. 

"Crime clicks already tied to recorded confessions with death on these police and on doctors with the school with drugs that killed girls..." Wall wrote in one of his emails to Bean. 

Police arrived at Wall's house following the emails sent in early November to address the threats he mentioned in the email. Wall was asked to stop sending emails and became agitated at the suggestion, Wethersfield police said. 

In addition to emails, Wall would update his own Facebook page with similar rants and post the links to the school's page and other local media outlets, according to police.

After being asked several times to stop communicating with the school because he was causing alarm with parents and faculty, Wall continued to do so, police said.

He was arrested on Dec. 4 and charged with second-degree harassment and is being held on  $100,000 bail. Wall was also ordered not to contact anyone at Highcrest School and to stay away from all schools in Wethersfield

Wall has a history of disturbing people via electronic communication and often becomes focused on a singular subject, police said. 

It is not clear if he has an attorney. 

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