Chloe Kim

10 Winter Olympics Moments You Should Definitely Not Try at Home

We really don't recommend it

The Winter Olympics is full of moments that one should really not try at home -- whether due to pain, embarrassment or sheer lack of athletic ability. Check out 10 moments from Pyeongchang that we really don't recommend you try to replicate. 

1. High Five Your Distracted Buddy While the World's Media Is Watching

2. Try to Land a Triple Axel

3. Get in the Way of a Flying Broom

4. Dance On the Edge of an Incredibly Steep Mountain

5. Try and Pull Off Multiple Epic Tricks on a Snowboard Halfpipe (Unless You're Shaun White)

6. Faceplant on a Disturbingly Steep Slope

7. Wear Your Hair Like a Famous Movie Character (Unless You Want People Talking About It)

8. Spin Out While Hurtling Downhill in a Luge

9. Ride An Escalator With No Feet, Just Your Hand

10. Try to Bite Your Friend's Finger When They're Not Looking

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