What’s Up With Tom Brady’s Hair?

Brady spoke to the media on Tuesday about the upcoming season but all anyone could focus on was his new do

What do you think of Tom Brady's new haircut?

At Tuesday's press conference Patriot's quarterback Tom Brady addressed members of the media about the upcoming season, but the focus wasn't whether or not backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was ready to start.

Instead, all anyone could focus on was Tom Brady's new haircut... and many weren't big fans.

As soon as TB 12 stepped in the front of the microphone the internet erupted into a frenzy about the player's new do.

Brady's haircut has already been compared to that of a 90s sitcom star as well as Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's hair style.

Here's what some other fans (as well as necn sports anchor Raul Martinez) had to say about the new style. 

Now the only question left is what does Gisele think of her hubby's new haircut? 

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