White-Bellied Stork Flies Away From Stone Zoo

"Las", a white-bellied stork, was training for a show when it flew away on Friday

Missing white bellied stork Stone Zoo
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Officials at a Massachusetts zoo are searching for one of their storks after it flew away on Friday.

Stone Zoo officials said "Las", a white-bellied stork, was training for the Masters of Flight: Birds of Prey show when it flew away from the Stoneham facility.

The 3-foot-tall bird was last seen Saturday morning at nearby Spot Pond.

Las has a white belly, dark iridescent purple wings, neck and back, and a featherless face and long legs. The bird has a wingspan of about 3 feet.

Zoo officials said the bird is not dangerous, but not to approach if it is seen, because it could fly away.

Las may be walking on the ground or perched in a tree.

Anyone who sees Las can call 314-600-4873.

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