Rain and Wind Subside, Temperatures Turn Colder

Beware of patchy black ice overnight

The wind and rain will subside this evening. We will be left with standing water and tons of wind damage reports.

With gusty wind from the west, northwest will usher in colder air after 8 p.m. Flood and high wind warnings were expected to impact several Massachusetts communities through the evening.

Temperatures go from the 50s to the low 30s, or upper 20s across northern New England. This will turn everything to ice, but more gradually than on Sunday during the flash freeze. Snow showers across northern New England will also taper off tonight.

Friday will be colder in the mid-30s with some sunshine and afternoon light snow showers.

This weekend will be wintry with a light snow chance for some. Saturday will be in the mid-20s with light snow showers into Sunday. Sunday's highs rebound a bit in the upper 30s.

Next week will be active with multiple pulses of energy bringing repeated snow chances. Temperatures stay in the low 30s through Wednesday. A piece of the polar vortex will move over the northeast, bringing extreme cold in again.

Temperatures will be in the high teens Thursday and Friday and lows near zero overnight. There may be a brief chance for a snow shower on Monday.

A larger system moving in from the Midwest will bring rain and snow Tuesday into Wednesday. Stay tuned for updates on this storm and the cold to follow!

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