Winter Takes a Break

Highs in the 50s and 60s yesterday left nothing to chance that we're in meltdown mode here in New England. Coupled with higher sun angle, we're are poised to liquefy some serious snow this week.

Good thing we have a lot of reserves, right? Northern New England still has some 3-4 feet in spots, while Southern New England is still hovering near a foot. It should be warm enough to banish the snow - and oust most of the frost - in many locations in Southern New England, while halving the snow in Northern New England.

And if you're thinking this is the end of winter, then you might want to consider that I'm already eying a return to a cold pattern for early March.

Now, back to the warmup.

Highs will settle back tomorrow a bit. Sea breezes kick up near the coast as the winds turn onshore under a big area of high pressure. Sun will be hampered by high clouds.

Wednesday is a mild one ahead of the near-record warmth on Thursday. Highs should jump into the 50s as a few light sprinkles exit in the morning.

The setup for the warmth on Thursday is a familiar one. Winds will be southwest and then west as a cool front approaches. With a bit of sun and a VERY warm layer of air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere, we'll be off to the races with the temperatures from the get-go.

Some of that mild air will linger into the weekend, potentially giving us another run at 60 or better on Saturday as the showers close in.

Get your lawn furniture out... and watch the flower beds for the first sign of spring.

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