Wintry Chill Making Its Way to New England

A sunny and chilly start was the center of dry air and fair weather, now departing east from New England and allowing moisture to stream in from the west — first as increasing clouds this afternoon, then as precipitation this evening and tonight.

In Vermont, rain and high terrain snow arrives during early evening, while Boston squeezes in the Boston Common tree lighting before rain arrives after midnight.

Early morning showers Friday will be quick to depart for a cooler and drier air that will bring in the sunshine and return high temperatures to the 40s by afternoon — very close to where we should normally be this time of the year and on par with our weather for the coming weekend.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are expected to deliver dry weather and highs in the 40s with variable clouds. Yet another storm center follows a path similar to its predecessors next week, tracking into Southern Canada and bringing a shot of warmth into New England with showers at midweek, but behind this storm, the atmosphere will change.

The jet stream winds — fast wind high in the sky that steers storms and separates cold air to the north from mild to the south — will dip south, allowing cold air to pour into the lower 48 and likely giving us a solid shot of wintry chill by week’s end into next weekend.

Depending upon the timing of passing disturbances at the jet stream level, showers of rain or snow can’t be ruled out in that same time period of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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