Michael Rosenfield

Woburn Residents Improvise While Gas Remains Shut Off

For Paul and Carrie Magee, there’s no hot water and no gas for the stove. So they’re improvising with an electric slow cooker and grilling outdoors.

They’re among the roughly 300 National Grid customers in Woburn with no gas right now.

“I haven’t gone to work today,” said Carrie. “I look filthy, my hair’s a mess.”

So they’ll make do to try to keep themselves and their grandchildren clean.

“We got baby wipes, we’re going to microwave them,” said Carrie. “What are we going to do?”

They’re not the only ones getting creative.

“Boil water on the stove,” said Bob Olson. “Take a quick bath in the sink. Fill the sink with water and grab a face cloth.”

But everyone is grateful they’re not dealing with a protracted inconvenience.

“It’s not Andover so count our blessings,” said Deb McWade.

They know it could be worse, like many in the Merrimack Valley who are suffering without gas for weeks following last month’s gas line explosions.

“The people in Lawrence I understand what they’re going through,” said Magee. “Just experiencing this for a couple of days, I really feel for them.”

In Woburn, the impacted residents should have their gas turned back on in the next couple of days.

“It’s definitely something that you don’t realize what you have until you don’t have it,” said Megan Latanowich.

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