Woman Gets Hand Stuck in Meat Grinder in Naugatuck, Conn.

NBC 7 San Diego

Police said a woman got her hand stuck in a meat grinder in Naugatuck on Saturday.

Officials responded to Spring Street at approximately 3:45 p.m. for the incident.

The fire department said a woman was transported to Waterbury Hospital with her hand still in the grinding part of the machine.

Firefighters were able to disassemble the meat grinder so that the part that has the auger in it was off of the machine that has the motor, preventing further injury.

According to New Haven fire officials, the woman was moved to Yale New Haven Hospital where doctors and firefighters helped free the woman's hand from the machine.

Firefighters from New Haven helped the orthopedic surgeon in the operating room, they said. There, three firefighters were able to remove the meat grinder.

The extent of her injuries has not been released, although officials said it was a "successful operation."

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