Woman Records as Husband Tries to Intervene in Road Rage Incident

A woman on her way to her new home in Virginia drove past the now-viral road rage incident on the Massachusetts Turnpike Friday afternoon, recording cellphone video showing the chaos, including her husband trying to stop the driver.

"I was very scared that I was going to end up taping someone dying," said Taisha Gibson in a phone interview Monday. "The guy on the hood's screaming, you know, 'Stop!' And the guy driving is screaming, 'Get off my car!'"

Gibson's husband, Amir Schur, yelled at he driver, identified by Massachusetts State Police as Mark Fitzgerald, and physically tried to remove him from his SUV.

"As soon as he stopped, my husband jumped out, tried to grab his keys from him, and realizing he had a keyless car, he went around to the side and tried to get him out of the car," said Gibson.

She said she was terrified when a good Samaritan, identified in court documents as Frankie Hernandez, also stopped, pulling a handgun on the driver.

"I was scared. I see the gun and I immediately started crying," she said. "I knew he was trying to help."

State police said Hernandez has a license to carry. He will not be charged.

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