Woman Accused of Damaging Strip Club With Bat Arrested Again in Willimantic

Shantel mug 1200
Willimantic Police Department

A Louisiana woman who was arrested nine days ago for allegedly damaging a strip club with a bat has been arrested for the second time in Willimantic, Connecticut, police said.

Shantel Jones, 28, is accused of criminal mischief, threatening and breach of peace after she allegedly stormed a CVS in "a fit of rage," Willimantic police said.

On Monday at around 5:20 pm, Jones began pounding on the pharmacy window at the CVS drive-thru window, police say. She then parked in a handicapped spot, went inside the store full of shoppers and began screaming threats and obscenities at the pharmacist working, according to their account.

A CVS employee was almost hit with a plastic placard that Jones threw, according to police.

Nine days prior, Jones got into an argument after refusing to pay a cover charge at the Ultra Violet Gentlemen's Club in Willimantic, according to police. She left, then returned with a wooden baseball bat and got inside the club.

Police said Jones demolished the cash register and damaged other property with the bat.

"This type of belligerent behavior is grossly unacceptable and will not be tolerated within the City of Willimantic," police department spokesman Stanley Parizo Jr. said in a statement after that incident.

Jones has been arrested again and is being held on a $250 bond. She is expected in court Tuesday morning, but it wasn't immediately clear if she was being represented by an attorney.

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