Woman's Obituary: “Brady is Innocent!!”

A 72-year-old woman's loved ones fulfilled her dying wish to convey a final message on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the "deflategate" scandal while writing her obituary.

Patricia M. Shong, of Auburn, Massachusetts, died on Monday surrounded by family. Her obituary says she enjoyed knitting, weekly card night with the ladies and spending time with her family. "She would also like us to set the record straight for her," it reads. "Brady is innocent!!"

Brady is in the process of appealing his four-game suspension after the NFL ruled that he had a role in the deflation of the team's footballs. Commissioner Roger Goodell has rejected the NFLPA's request that he recuse himself from hearing the appeal after the union said he would be called as a witness and would not be impartial.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft announced Tuesday that the team would not appeal the penalties levied against it.

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