New England

Work Week Weather Starts Cooler

Although today dawns cloudy and showery, especially in Southern New England, the showers will mostly depart by lunchtime. Partial sunshine will develop during the afternoon, but the day overall will feature more clouds than anything else thanks to the cold front moving through the area.

Behind the front highs will reach the 30s and 40s in Northern New England today, with 40s to near 50 farther south.

Temperatures will be in the 30s to near 40 on Monday as cooler air continues to flow into New England. Also on Monday, our weekend front stalls south of New England, becoming the focus for a developing offshore storm.

While a spot rain or snow shower can’t be ruled out on Monday, more of us will see a few snow showers on Tuesday as the storm intensifies and gets a bit closer. At this point any accumulation looks to be in the dusting to 2-inch range.

Northeast winds around the storm will coincide with an astronomically high tide on Tuesday, however. That means there may be some splash over or minor coastal flooding at that time.

The middle of the week will be quiet as that system pulls away, but we have another disturbance to watch by Friday. That too will likely bring both rain and snow to parts of the area.

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