WWE to Gronk: Call When You're Ready

Cryptic tweets by Gronk in recent days and a noncommittal answer about his return to the Patriots after the heartbreaking Super Bowl loss to the Eagles, have fueled speculation about Rob Gronkowski’s future.

Three possibilities seem the most likely: Gronk returns to the Patriots, Gronk retires to becomes an actor, or Gronk retires to becomes a professional wrestler in the WWE. Considering the 28-year-old’s athletic ability, his larger than life personality, and popularity with the “bro” demographic, a switch from chasing Super Bowl rings to the wrestling ring seems very possible.

But could Gronk be the same kind of performer on Monday Night Raw as he is on Monday Night Football? The honchos of the world’s biggest wrestling promotion seem to think so.

“If Gronk is interested in WWE, he has my phone number." said Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President.


Since Gronk hasn’t addressed any of this directly “seems” is a keyword. Keep in mind, pro wrestling is all about creating buzz and shocking plot twists. It seems like Triple H is playing his cards close to the vest, what better way to wow fans later?

The WWE move also seems to be something Gronk has been testing for some time. He got in the ring at WrestleMania 33, helping his best friend wrestler Mojo Rawley win a match, and he got involved in another match over the past year.

According to a tweet from NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport on Wednesday, “The expectation is that #Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski will return for 2018 after pondering his future, I’m told. He may never make a grand announcement, but the belief is entertainment opportunities (acting WWE) will wait.”

Expectation is the key word there. In February, Rawley said this to TMZ about his friend Gronk going to the WWE, “It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of WHEN."

With reported friction in Foxboro, serious injuries in recent years, including a concussion, and a chance to wrestle with his best friend seem to be key factors.

Maybe, just maybe, the “Gronk Spike” could go from a highlight after touchdowns to a finishing move during Smackdown.

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