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Conn. Sees First 2 Human Cases of West Nile This Year



    Conn. Sees First 2 Human Cases of West Nile This Year
    NBC 5 News

    Two Bridgeport residents have been diagnosed with West Nile virus, according to the Department of Public Health.

    They're the first human cases of West Nile in Connecticut this year.

    State officials said one patient, in his or her 40s, fell ill with meningitis during the third week of August. The second patient, a person in his or her 70s, got sick with encephalitis during the fourth week of August.

    Both patients displayed similar symptoms, including fever, nausea, vomiting and weakness, according to public health officials. They were treated at the hospital and have since been released.

    Officials said neither person left the state before developing symptoms.

    "The identification of Connecticut residents with West Nile virus associated illness that required hospitalization underscores the potential seriousness of infection," DPH veterinarian Dr. Randall Nelson said in a statement Thursday. "Using insect repellant, covering bare skin and avoiding being outdoors during the hours of dusk and dawn are effective ways to help keep you from being bitten."

    West Nile virus has been identified in 20 Connecticut communities so far this year, including Bridgeport, Cheshire, Chester, Darien, East Haven, Glastonbury, Greenwich, Groton, Guilford, Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford, Stonington, Stratford, Waterford, West Haven, Westport, Wethersfield and Wilton.

    Six people were infected with West Nile virus last year. Five were hospitalized.

    Massachusetts has also seen two cases of West NIle so far this year.

    More information about the virus is available on the Connecticut Mosquito Management Program website.