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Police: 2 Dozen Fake IDs Mailed to Wrong Address



    Police: 2 Dozen Fake IDs Mailed to Wrong Address
    Stamford Police Department

    Two dozen fake IDs intended for underage college students when they were inadvertently mailed to the wrong address in Stamford, according to police.

    Stamford police said a package from China was delivered to a home on Bouton Street late last month. A resident opened it and found 24 fake IDs inside, along with a duplicate copy of each.

    It appears someone in the Stamford area had collected money and taken pictures of the recipients, then sent the photos to China, where the licenses were produced and mailed back, according to police.

    Police said the fake IDs are exact replicas of licenses from Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maine and Pennsylvania.

    "The quality of this is very good. You have the holograms, you have the labels. Everything is right on target," said Stamford police spokesman Lt. DIedrich Hohn. "That's what's so amazing to us: how fast they got the holograms, how fast they made these to be consistent with the real licenses."

    The intended recipients are college students from Connecticut and Massachusetts who attend the University of Rhode Island, Cape Cod Community College, Eastern Nazarene College and Norwalk Community College, according to police.

    Police contacted college officials and are applying for arrest warrants.

    Underage students found in possession of fake IDs could be charged with second-degree forgery, a felony.