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2 Students Expelled for Bringing Weapons to School



    2 Students Expelled for Bringing Weapons to School
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    Two students were expelled from Torrington schools in two separate incidents of bringing weapons into school, according to school board minutes.

    A male student brought a knife onto school grounds on Sept. 2 and a female student brought a weapon to school on Sept. 18, according to Torrington Board of Education minutes from Sept. 14 and Oct. 7, respectively.

    "The Torrington Board of Education finds, based on the evidence in the record, that the student who is the subject of this hearing, did on or about Sep 2, 2015, possess a weapon, i.e. a knife, on school grounds which violated a publicized policy of the board, endangered persons or property, and was seriously disruptive of the educational process," according to the Torrington school board minutes about the Sept. 2 incident. "As a result of the above findings, the Torrington BOE concludes that the subject of this hearing did commit an expellable offense."

    As for the Sept. 18 incident, the school board made identical remarks, also finding that the other student committed an "expellable offense."

    It's unclear which schools the expelled students attended. School officials have not released their identities.

    No further information was immediately available.