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Mass. Teachersoccer Coach Accused of Growingselling Marijuana



    Police say a Northbridge soccer coach and his father were growing and selling marijuana (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Northbridge, Mass.) - A teacher and soccer coach at a Northbridge, Mass. school is facing a judge Friday. He’s accused of growing and selling marijuana.

    "Nothing that seemed that odd, no, no," said neighbor Tom Pratt upon hearing that news that his former neighbor and the neighbor's son have been arrested for growing and selling Marijuana.

    Police say inside this house in Millbury, a Northbridge Soccer coach and his father were growing Marijuana which they were also selling.

    "It's odd, it is a shock, didn't really expect that out of John, I guess you never know," said Pratt.

    Sixty-year-old John Cestone and his 40-year-old son James, who is also a math teacher at Northbridge High School, are alleged to have operated a complex growing operation in the basement.

    Neighbors tell us they knew John who suddenly moved out about a month ago.

    "Little bit, talked over the fence, a few times, seemed like a nice guy," said Pratt.

    The neighbor told us he didn't know the son or that he was a teacher or a soccer coach.

    “I've seen him a few times but I have never actually spoken to him I have seen him over there," said Pratt.

    School officials said they would not comment or release a statement.  The younger of the two was arraigned earlier Friday in a Worcester court room.

    Cestone pleaded not guilty and he was released on his own personal recognizance. He will return to court on October 18.