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Norfolk ADA With Ties to Annie Dookhan Resigns



    Norfolk ADA with ties to Annie Dookhan resigns

    George Papachristos resigned, stating he doesn't want to be a further distraction from central issue of alleged criminal conduct (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Ally Donnelly) – A new report is raising even more questions, and it’s yet another twist in the Massachusetts drug lab scandal.

    A new report highlights a connection between an alleged rogue chemist and a prosecutor.

    Many are now questioning if any of the evidence handled by Annie Dookhan can be trusted.

    Norfolk Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos has resigned.

    District Attorney Michael Morrissey released the following statement:

    “After discussions with his supervisors, Assistant District Attorney George Papachristos has offered his resignation and District Attorney Michael Morrissey has agreed to accept it. George Papachristos communicated that he does not wish to be a further distraction from the central issue of the criminal conduct that has been alleged and the complete breakdown of supervision that allowed it to continue.”

    Worried that some prosecutors may have been fostering cozy relationships with the chemist at the center of the state’s drug testing scandal, the ACLU is asking that all cases be thrown out where DAs or police officers communicated directly with Annie Dookhan.

    According to sources cited in the Boston Globe, Papchristos emailed frequently, sometimes on personal topics, with Dookhan, even prompting Dookhan’s husband to call the ADA, worried that the two were having an affair.

    The DAs office insists the relationship was professional, not personal.

    Health and Human Services secretary Dr. Judyann Bigby says prosecutors are supposed to go through supervisors at the drug lab if they need to discuss their case.

    State Police have assured them no prosecutors are being looked at for wrongdoing, but the state still has a lot to answer for.

    Ally Donnelly has more.