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Fitchburg Pilots Assoc. Sends Planes of Supplies to NY



    The group is transporting donations - by air- to the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Scot Yount, Fitchburg, Mass.) - Their airplanes might be small, but their hearts are big.

    The Fitchburg Pilot's association has been involved in a pretty big relief effort for the victims of Sandy down in New York.

    The Association has been gathering supplies and flying them down to waiting relief workers to help people in need.

    "It is nice to be able to say that we have the means in small aircraft to go where other people can't go, we can get down there, in an hour, hour and a half and bring them much needed supplies."

    The effort has harnessed the compassion of the community and the pilots who are making the runs.

    Fitchburg Mayor Lisa Wong is proud of her city, which withstood almost a month in some places without power in the ice storm of 2008.

    "I think Hurricane Sandy is hitting close to home, and everybody here just wants to pitch in just like folks helped us out in 2008," said Wong.

    Folks like Kris Borowicz, who at just 18, has his license and has already made one trip all by himself.

    "It was clear that they wanted the things that you were bringing so it was huge to see people really excited to see you when you got there," said Borowicz.

    People from all over the region are showing up with donations, including cash.

    There is everything else imaginable, and some things you might not expect.

    "As we are just sitting at home in nice comfortable places with heat and water and food, can't help but think about other people down there," said Ken MacNeil, who is both donating and flying.

    The association will be flying another load on Sunday and likely will keep up the effort as long as it is needed.