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Boston University Student Killed in Bicycle Accident



    Christopher Weigl, 23, was promising photojournalism student at BU (Published Friday, Jan. 17, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Boston) – A vigil is being held Thursday night after a bike ride on a busy Boston street turned tragic.

    A Boston University student was killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer truck while riding a bike on Commonwealth Avenue.

    The University identified the victim as Christopher Weigl.

    Investigators say Weigl and a tractor-trailer were traveling east bound on Comm Ave early Thursday morning. Weigl was in the bike line. The tractor-trailer made a wide right turn, and that’s when the two collided.

    At a busy intersection in a Boston neighborhood, it has happened again.

    “It’s a dangerous intersection because of the hill.”

    “I knew this was bound to happen,” says Marc Taylor.

    It’s an intersection plagued by problems according to people who frequent the area, now the scene of the city’s fifth cyclist death since the summer.

    Boston University says 23-year-old Weigl, a student from Southborough, Mass. pursuing a master’s in photojournalism, was hit and killed almost instantly when a tractor-trailer made a right turn onto St. Paul Street.

    “You got students, this is a busy area. Why would you take that turn,” asked bystander Taylor.

    Fellow cyclists say too often when tragedies strike, people immediately blame the cyclist.

    “It’s always the victim of danger, rather than the causes of danger, that are blamed,” says Rebecca Albreht, a cyclist.

    “It’s a give and take, the bikers and the drivers. Drivers are terrible with bikes. They don’t respect anything at all,” says Victoria Piro, a cyclist.

    Ironically, the fatality came just before the start of a previously scheduled bike safety hearing at city hall, sponsored by several councilors.

    “The cyclists have a right to that road as well, and we have to make sure the infrastructures in place make that a safe road,” says Boston city councilor Felix Arroyo.

    A vigil was to be held Thursday night at 6 p.m. on BU’s campus.

    The driver is employed by Ross Express. So far, he has not been cited in the accident.

    Ross Express says the driver has been with the company for several years, and he has an immaculate record.

    They say the driver was so upset by what happened, he had to go to the hospital himself.